Queen of the Hebrides

Islay is a small island on the west coast of Scotland known as the Queen of the Hebrides.  It is the most southern island in the Inner Hebrides and is the fifth largest island in Scotland.  Islay is in Argyll.  It is famous for its whisky, amazing scenery and fascinating wildlife.  Jura is its neighbouring island lying just a 5 minute ferry ride away.  The village of Bowmore is the capital of Islay and Port Ellen is its main ferry port.  About 3000 people live on Islay and the population is centred mostly in Bowmore and Port Ellen.   Its highest peak is Beinn Bheieigeir. 

Evidence of life on Islay dates back to Mesolithic Times after the last Ice Age.  The Cultoon Circle dates back to Neolithic Times and the Early Bronze Age.  Islay was once the main seat of power in the west of Scotland and was the home of the Lords of the Isles, this can be found at Finlaggan.